Recording Room

The Bamhaus studio is a audio recording room set up to record music and sounds. It is connected to a high-end digital recording station in a separate room that can be rented with an operator.

  • 60m2
  • from 300€

Cinema & Lobby

Our medium sized cinema has a 200-inch screen, can host up to 40 people and is set next to our lobby/bar.

  • 55m2 / 25m2
  • from 300€ / 100€
  • 40 / 20

Maker Space

Bamhaus has a small spray room equipped with an air discharge system and a shared maker space with several tool sets and various utensils.


  • 40m2
  • from 40€/h

Photo Studio

Our photo studio contains different color backdrops and a basic set of soft box lights


  • 45m2
  • from 40€/h

Project Room

The project room is a shared multi-purpose 150m2 open space that can be used to execute a variety of activities.


  • 150m2
  • from 250€