Bamhaus is a platform for freelancers, small businesses and artists to gather, connect and collaborate. A creative hub in a forgotten industrial setting of the city, where people are gathering in unused spaces and connecting previously invisible communities and individuals in a unique environment. Hubs not only form communities, they also develop a structured serendipity that enables people to connect in ways they haven’t before, inspiring new cross-disciplinary collaborations, community engagements and modes of working.

We like to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. This broad range of life experiences and professional know-how is what makes our platform strong.


Ben Barnich

Christian Muno


Raoul Schmitz
Filmmaker & Steadicam Operator

Max Dauphin

Cliff Ross
Graphic & Web Designer

Steve Gerges
Motion Designer / Director

Anton Stepine
Graphic & Motion Designer

Max Hochmuth
Creative director / Musician / Sound designer

Franck Miltgen

Jonas Godefroid

Filipe Silva

Christophe Birgen