Bamhaus acts as a fertile platform for a tightly fused crew of visionary creative professionals, bringing together artists and operators from different disciplines, age groups and cultural backgrounds. People at Bamhaus range from individual artists and creative freelancers to small companies. We have a fresh and flexible approach to design work, emphasising high standards of professional competence and a sustainable way of planning and realising strategies, events and audiovisual productions. The residents are what makes Bamhaus truly unique. We are a community of independent creators with their personal energies and projects.

Bamhaus is a platform for freelancers, small businesses and artists to gather, connect and collaborate. A creative hub in a forgotten industrial setting of the city, where people are gathering in unused spaces and connecting previously invisible communities and individuals in a unique environment. Hubs not only form communities, they also develop a structured serendipity that enables people to connect in ways they haven’t before, inspiring new cross disciplinary collaborations, community engagements and modes of working.

We like to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. This broad range of life experiences and know-how is what makes our platform strong.


Christian Muno

Ben Barnich

Yann Annicchiarico

Patrick Lucas


Raoul Schmitz

Max Dauphin

Antti Pirskanen

Myriam Schiltz

Cliff Ross

Nina Schaeffer

Steve Gerges

Giacomo Piovan

Anton Stepine

Chris Neumann

Elizabeth Negrete Castillo

Franck Miltgen

Felipe Da Silva

Max Hochmuth

Nora Wagner