Bamhaus is many things

Bamhaus is a brand that houses two separate entities, a company (B.A.M. sàrl) and a non-profit organization (Bamhaus asbl).

The Bamhaus company offers creative services, like a creative agency with additional diversity. We are here to take care of any communication needs you or your company may have as we cover every aspect of audiovisual production. Additionally, the company manages the entire Bamhaus platform and the linked facilities.

Bamhaus is located right in the heart of industrial Dommeldange, where we offer co-working spaces for young professionals, entrepreneurs and small companies. Our residents are what makes Bamhaus truly unique and form a tightly knit community of independent creators and creative individuals.

The non-profit Bamhaus entity (Bamhaus asbl) hosts all kinds of cultural events, from screenings in our onsite cinema, monthly meet-ups with like-minded enthusiasts all the way to art exhibitions.